We are Informed that We Will No Longer Be Handling any Phase of Our Grant!

Suddenly, the Cost of Architecture and Engineering are Extremely Insufficient in the Grant Application

On February 4, 2011, we had a meeting with the Borough Clerk and the new town engineer to discuss our Grant. We are informed that we will no longer be handling any phase of our Grant. The new arrangement is that the project must be handed (contractually) to the town’s architectural and engineering firms, except for the actual construction — which must go out for public bid. When did we get a Borough Architect? Interesting. We already had reliable local contractors lined up for this project, who had submitted estimates for our original application. Any expenditure over $7000 must be bid out, except professional services contracted through a blanket agreement with the Borough. We are quizzed by the Engineer as an attempt to glean information as to what we believe the cost for elevating the home will be. We express our concerns, that there will be no room for unanticipated expenses, when she intimates that the cost of architecture and engineering are extremely insufficient in the Grant application. Incidentally, during our first meeting with her, she said we had too much money! Engineer and Clerk are both made aware of asbestos siding, water damaged sills, sheathing and joists!

A government or an administration, who means and acts honestly, has nothing to fear, and consequently has nothing to conceal.

Thomas Paine

Author: Laurie