Our Plea to The Mayor

We reached out to Mayor Long and asked her to come to our home, in order to express our concerns. Legitimate concerns such as: the builder starting to work on our home, then strong-arming us with an unending list of extras, that we would have to pay for. We explained to her that the builder bid on the job without a site inspection and had never been beneath the house to inspect the floor joists or sill plates. We also told her how he bragged about billing homeowners an excess of $100K, without their knowledge or consent, for additional repairs. When we informed her of the high engineering and architectural costs, she acted shocked. She empathized with our situation and said she would reach out to Councilman Kelly to see what their approach should be to help us. We stated that we were not comfortable with any of this work beginning until we had a firm idea of what the financial exposure to us would be. A lot of back-and-forth went on over the next couple of days. However, it was agreed that the Builder should come out with the engineering firm and inspect the floor joists, before starting on our house, so we would not be left in the dark and surprised later with how much this would “cost us.” 

But one must ask… How could this possibly cost us anymore money when the Grant was for $241K? That is enough money to build a new house, here!

The hottest fires in hell are reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis.

Edmund Burke

Author: Laurie