Water Levels

NOAA Stations NY/NJ Harbor

Station ID: Sandy Hook

Date: 2024-07-23 23:54

Water Level: 5.741 (MLLW)

For point of reference: Depending on pressure, wind and rainfall… water levels of 6.75′- 6.95′ will breach the southern bulkhead at the Osbourne St. Waterways Condominiums (pump running) and levels of 7.7′-7.9′ will see water in front of Andy K’s approximately 2.05 hours after these levels register at Sandy Hook. Though not as dependable as the USGS’s Shrewsbury River gauge NOAA’s Sandy Hook allows more time to be proactive.

USGS River gauges

Location:  Shrewsbury River at Sea Bright NJ

Date:  2024-07-23  23:48

Water Level:  3.07 (NAVD88)

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