They Destroyed Paradise and We Rented a Parking Lot

And Insured it, Too!

In order to spare our neighbors of additional contractor vehicles taking up valuable parking on our street and being an irritant, we inquired about using the vacant lot, diagonally behind our house. We called the land owner, who did not live in the area. They agreed to rent the lot to us, so that our next door neighbors and various contractors could park there. We would have to insure it for obvious reasons, clean it up and maintain it — but that was a small price to pay, to help out the workers and spare our neighbors any grief, right? Well… Nothing regarding this project was ever easy.

When we mentioned it to the Builder, he said not to bother renting it, because he would not be using it. He said he will park in the Municipal lot, along with the other workers. It’s ironic that not only was their Johnny on the Spot placed there, but THEY ALL PARKED IN OUR RENTED LOT!  Our next door neighbors used it too, (but they always did). Even though it is private property. Of course, we didn’t anticipate the maintenance and carrying costs to exceed the Builder’s required time-frame of 4-6 weeks either. Weeks turned into months and grief smacked US right upside our heads.

One great error is that we suppose mankind more honest than they are.

Alexander Hamilton

Author: Laurie