We’ve got no Stones…

Or, How to Age Prematurely

So the rebuilding our laundry room required a new roof. After the incompetent installation of the new roof, the builder proceeded to destroy it. Really, they worked off the finished roof to re-install the siding on the Southern wall of the house. They did this in the summer heat with no regard for the fact that their walking up and down; placement of ladders on; and the sliding wood up and down, was destroying the new roof! They wore off most of the pebbles and tore the shingles along the second floor of the house.

But Wait…

The good news is that they left a bunch of replacement rocks on the flat roof above. Maybe these are meant to fall off and spontainiously repair the roof below. Or maybe, this is more of their sloppiness. Leftovers from our chimney demolition.

This brings us to our current leaking roof… So these inept idiots repaired the EPDM flat roof on our house (where they removed the existing chimney) with a SBS Modified Bitumen, Low Slope Roof, self adhesive cap sheet. First off, this is a “FLAT” roof, ie: “NO” slope. Second, the patch they used is only meant to be installed on a properly primed plywood roof deck. Third, they cut a slit in it, that can’t be seamed. Then they just pounded some roofing nails into a material that’s not meant to be nailed. (you can’t even dream up this stupidity). Needless to say, the Borough approved this work and now we have two floors of water damage. See Laurie’s post Raindrops keep falling on her head.

Fraud and falsehood only dread examination. Truth invites it.

Samuel Johnson

Author: Murphy