Schedule of “Values”

Another New Start Date!

Another start date was set for late March and another pre-construction meeting was held. At this meeting, the same things were hashed over again! Instead of hearing from the engineering firm, T&M Associates, who was managing this project, the Builder presented his own “Schedule of Values,” which was basically a front loaded list for payment schedules, enabling him to receive large payments at the beginning of the project. So this would not keep him tied at the end of course, we did not receive a copy and no one seemed to challenge this ridiculousness. (see list).  

After the meeting, the Builder agreed to walk down the street to visit the site with us for the first time. During the visit, he expressed that some of his projects have accumulated as little as $10,000 in extras but always extras. In fact, the last one he just finished had an excess of $150,000. Needless to say we were becoming more fearful of this guy. He expressed a need to be at our property one day earlier than their start date, stating that he wanted to do some prep. We were fine with that and told him that we would need to be there for the weekend and could not have our work done until Monday and possibly be finishing up that Monday morning. He said no problem, then stated that he would “handle” the neighbor and the tree.

Which he did by lying to them and us, then showing up with his dad and a Bobcat, tearing the tree out laughing the whole time. So, in the end, we requested the foundation plan be modified to accommodate a tree, that he tore out before even starting the job.

The new start date was to be April 2, 2012.

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Author: Laurie