Piling on the Nonsense and Abuse

Sea Bright Features Our “Failed” Elevation Project, as a “Success,” in a Channel 9 News Documentary.

This video is our response to the Borough’s use of our home, in politically motivated appearances in the documentary, “Jersey Strong • From Seaside to Sea Bright” © 2012 WWOR NY My9. Incidentally, we had a “No Trespassing” sign on our home, ever since notifying the police to remove the Builder, the Borough and its affiliates from our property Their removal was requested in order to STOP “The Stupid!” The stupid being further damages they might inflict on our property! It’s especially disconcerting, since all of the non-politically connected residents had been evacuated and not allowed back into town at the time of this interview. Again, an interview conducted on our property, about our property, without our knowledge or consent. It seems that councilman Kelly is above respecting his constituents.

“Jersey Strong • From Seaside to Sea Bright” © 2012 WWOR NY My9.

When you are right you cannot be to radical; when you are wrong, you cannot be too conservative.


Author: Murphy