Discovering the Past

We Never Had a Chance

On April 16, 2012, the 9th business day after the filing of the OPRA request, (it’s supposed to be ready in 5 business days), we received a package with the remainder of the Grant information and older building permits. More shocking, was the numerous complaints filed against the previous owners of this house and their tenants, from our neighbors —dating back to the 90’s! Wow. Well, it all makes sense now. But, we are the new guys who purchased this home — not tenants or squatters. We came here in peace, to kick back and relax. We had no idea about the 8 Center Street legacy of drama.

When you’re kind to people, and you pay attention, you make a field of comfort around them, and you get it back — the Golden Rule meets the Law of Karma meets Murphy’s Law.

Anne Lamott

Author: Laurie