Long Meetings

“DO” Nothing to Help Us

Although Mayor Long is in the field of education, she failed to fully educate herself with regards to the scope and magnitude of our project. In fact, at our desperate request, we had two private meetings with her. Our first meeting, we urged her to come to our home, in order to discuss and illustrate our legitimate, serious concerns. Concerns, regarding the fact that there had already been a Breach of Contract — by the Borough and the Engineering firm.

The second meeting was held at her house. Again, at our request and a plea for help. She was nervously playing with her phone — maybe an attempt to record our conversation? Well, we have nothing to hide, but the Borough sure did. Their incessant lying and unbelievable misleading that had ensued and the extremely low-bidding contractor that they hired, who had gone rogue, was threatening us. He wanted more money to replace items that were already included in the plans and listed in the contract — i.e rotten sill plates and floor joists. Her answer? “My hands are tied. Everyone is sticking to their stories. Why don’t you just give him the extra $9K and make him go away? Move on with your lives because we are not responsible!” Ironically, she commented that one of her councilman should have recused himself, based on the relationship he had with the engineer. I guess she’s not responsible for correcting that debacle, either.

Public office is a public trust.

Daniel S. Lamon

Author: Laurie