Lawyering Up, Bullying

And Making A Mockery of Our Misfortune

On June 5th, 2012, we stood up at our town meeting and expressed our concerns. Still, no one listened. We emailed everyone and promptly called for all work on our home to cease June 11th and have a meeting, immediately. The meeting would be for our protection — to educate all those who may not be aware of the numerous mistakes made by the so-called professionals, while we have been forced to endure slandering, mistreatment and bullying at the hands of all involved. A week and a half later, we now have 2 lawyers working on different aspects of what has become “a case.” A case brought on by the Borough, who due to their own wrongdoing, felt the need to “Lawyer Up” first.

This town has made a mockery of our misfortune, by attempting to reject their role in this mess — claiming they were merely trying to offer assistance. Reeeally? Yeah, ok. Well, that’s a new one…

To recap, we were bullied into using T&M Associates, who suddenly became the Borough engineers and part of our story… So professional, that they had to use a Sea Bright fire truck in order to measure the height of our house. Unfortunately for us, they even got that measurement wrong! Maybe if the engineer had been more focused on our project, instead of her obvious fixation of being in control, we would have had better results.

We were bullied into using an over-priced Architect, that the Borough of Sea Bright clearly owed a favor to. Money owed for fantasy drawings and plans for a beach and pool club, they wanted to run. This was verbally confirmed by Mayor Long, when I asked her why this Architect charged such an exorbitant amount of $25K (which escalated to $33K) for plans, to simply elevate a house.

We were then further bullied by the Builder, who miraculously came in at the last minute, with the exact figure that would seal his deal and ease the pain of the engineer putting the job out for bid, a 4th time. I wonder who called in that favor?

If those to whom power is delegated do well, they will be respected: if not, they will be despised; and with regard to those whom no power is delegated, but who assume it, the rational world can know nothing of them.

Thomas Paine

Author: Laurie