Securing Our Property

2 Months into Project – Property and House Left Wide Open and Still Not Secured by Contractors!

No fence protecting our property, Ladders were always present so anyone could climb up into our house. You know who you are…

Another meeting at our property, to discuss more problems. Met with T&M’s Project Manager and the Builder. From the beginning, the Builder was instructed to secure the property with a fence. It was a hazard to onlookers and a security problem for us. So, today the Borough Administrator showed up to tell them once again, to secure the property. Viewed as a joke (the administrator), by both the Builder and Project Manager, the Builder mocked him saying he didn’t even know who he was. But then laughed about receiving a check from the man. The Project Manager also shook his head in annoyance and said, “what is he doing here?” Perhaps if T&M was actually managing the project, reinforcement would not have been contacted and his presence would not have been necessary. Well, at least the Borough Administrator did notice that half of the infamous Black Pine Tree and it’s roots were actually on OUR property.

Why are They Using a Disconnected Toilet?

House gutted. No walls or doorway, yet toilet was used and overflowed..

Although our inside toilet was disconnected and there was a Johnny On the Spot, located outside, (often tipped over by an angry neighbor), workers actually used the toilet! They even over-flowed it into the garage. They were told to stop using the toilet.

A long habit of not thinking a thing WRONG, gives it a superficial appearance of being RIGHT.

Thomas Paine

Author: Laurie