Jersey Wronged

This is My House…

Audio clips from: Jersey Strong • From Seaside to Sea Bright © 2012 WWOR NY My9 

Now, I must make a mockery of our misfortune and suffering, that was inflicted upon us by the Borough — not Sandy. After Superstorm Sandy, Mayor Dina Long went on national TV, showing us the damage to her house, that Sandy had bestowed upon her. Stating that her house, was indeed, knocked off its foundation. Our take on her TV appearance – we display the same type of damages we have lived with for 10 years — after enduring 19 floods. The only difference? Our damage was compounded by the Borough’s botched management of our Grant. A 2010 Grant, which post-Sandy, Sea Bright would claim as their “model for responsible recovery.” During their takeover and execution of our Grant, the Borough of Sea Bright had other intentions, and proceeded to strong-arm us. The result? Our house isn’t even attached to its new foundation! They completely destroyed our home, as you will discover and witness throughout this website. They then had the audacity to represent our house on TV, (without our knowledge or consent, in front of a no trespassing sign with a standing order from the chief of police, forbidding access to our property by the Borough and its employees) — as a “success” — in an interview conducted with, Councilman Brian Kelly. In order to obtain more government funding, after Superstorm Sandy, Kelly went on to say what a shining example our house was. All the while, knowing what a unlivable disaster it had become, after the Borough’s meddling and corruption.

The Borough picked the wrong side. They chose their vendors over us and they ganged up on us. They literally left us out in the cold. Clearly, their vendors can provide the kickbacks that we cannot. We are just residents, who pay taxes and seek the protection of their government. But instead, we just simply fund their incompetence.

Incidentally, after Sandy, we actually offered our help and services on multiple occasions to the Borough, from tech to labor — but we were denied — isolating us from our community. They refused our help because they knew what they had done to us. So we took our services inland and helped other people in need, instead.

One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.


Author: Laurie