The Borough of Sea Bright is threatening to sue us again. Because they destroyed our home!

So, the Borough is interested in 8 Center St. again. After 5 years of letting us languish in hell, without any contact regarding our home, our safety or well being, they have a reason to threaten us again… These idiots just realized that they can’t collect the taxpayers money, that they spent on 8 Center St’s HMGP project. They can’t collect it because the state OEM won’t pay crooks!!! Sea Bright might think it’s okay to pay professionals, contractors and lawyers, for destroying a residents home. But, the State of NJ OEM and FEMA are only interested in paying out Federal dollars for completed projects. I don’t know, what the brain trust that runs this town thought. They thought that, they were going to screw, sue and forget us – but still somehow get their money. I guess so.

So now, they are feigning interest in our situation (after all, they’ve cried all the “Sandy” tears anyone could). They are proposing to do the minimum of repairs, lie about a C/O and get their monies from the state. Funny thing is, that these morons, believe that we should be thankful for their offer. After all, as the borough attorney likes to constantly remind us… They out lawyered two of the town’ s residents in suit, that they joined in against us with a group of crooks. And, they spent a “boatload” (no pun intended) of taxpayer dollars doing it. Oh, and what a decisive victory… The case was dismissed with prejudice – four law firms beat down our pro-bono independent attorney! Wow, I’m so impressed. It takes lack of honor and lots of money, to “DO” the wrong thing!! So, that’s what winning is all about. I guess so.

The PDF below, shows how a misdirected government, treats its constituents. The Borough of Sea Bright has consistently been on the wrong side of this situation. Choosing to bully its residents, side with their vendors and follow the poor advice of their counsel. Are they so arrogant and ignorant, as to think that paying more and more money to defend their lies, is productive or wise? I guess so.


Author: Murphy