OPRA Refusal to Comply

Don’t Expect Honesty or Transparency From Sea Bright

Throughout our Borough-induced nightmare, we were forced to make OPRA (NJ’s Open Public Records Act) requests, in order to obtain information about the construction activities at our home. The usual, err by omission was to be expected, so we knew that they were intentionally omitting documents. But to pull out a litany of “the dog ate my homework” excuses was truly unexpected.

Excuses like: When the Borough Administrator, Kachmar, explained to me that his computer crashed and he lost all the email to his account; or that the previous Administrator had deleted her emails when she left? Sea Bright certainly liked to play small-town when it suited them. But in 2012, to claim that they were not versed in data backup (ON AND OFF SITE), was truly absurd! If they couldn’t manage a few PCs, they certainly shouldn’t have been trusted with our tax dollars! But Kachmar was the same official who mocked our data supporting potential flooding… when he scoffingly rebuked our concerns by saying, “If that (6′ tidal departure) ever happens, the whole town will be under water.” Sandy say what?

Below, is our letter to the Borough Administrator, when he refused to provide us with emails related to our project — unless we provided him with the dates, sender, recipients and subject of each email we were requesting. You couldn’t make up obstructionary BS like this. If we knew the who, what, where and when of his files, we probably wouldn’t be requesting his documents — because we would already have them. Even after this letter, we still did not receive all of the files!

One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.


Author: Murphy