Be Accountable. Be Responsible!

“Sea Bright is a Model of Responsible Recovery.”

Governor Chris Christie

After Hurricane Sandy, Governor Chris Christie stated that Sea Bright was a model of responsible recovery. Sea Bright, a role model of responsible recovery? Hah! This couldn’t be further from the truth! Just saying it out loud, makes my skin crawl. Don’t even get me started on the unnecessary Library and Firehouse rehabilitation… You Bullied. You Lied. You took from the government and responsible homeowners!

Blatant Misuse of Power.

While the town of Sea Bright hides behind its deception with believable ignorance, T&M Associates have proven to be bold-faced liars — sucking any and all dollars out of this FEMA project. In the meantime, we, the homeowners, suffer grately — beholden to this blatant misuse of power.

The Borough of Sea Bright has displayed a genuine lack of care or concern for the damage to our house — before and after their botched elevation project. They failed to provide professional service, competent contractors, adhere to their own timeline, or Borough codes.

The Gang’s All Here

We hope you can all sleep at night, knowing that you lied to our faces. Sea Bright council members stood in our home and PROMISED us that we would be PROTECTED and that you would WATCH OVER this project very closely. We have not heard from one of you, with regards to our welfare or the destruction that was done to our home while in your hands. You certainly had the time for the cameras. Shame on you for standing in front of our home, without our knowledge or consent, boasting of your successful FEMA project. Mayor Long expressed unity. Unity? What unity? Maybe there is unity within the Borough, as they try to sue us for the Grant money back, that we never had. Shame on you!

The natural cure for an ill-administration, in a popular or representative constitution, is a change of men.

Alexander Hamilton

Author: Laurie