The Short and Sweet of 8 Center Street

Thanks For The Abuse

Our story, spans 15 laborious years. It encapsulates dozens of professionals — local, state, federal officials, and us —the two victims of all their actions and inaction. Because of this protracted time-frame and the numerous interactions, we have an abundance of stories in post-format, outlining the most egregious events.

Any attempt to summarize these events, is truly folly. However, here is our valiant endeavor in two paragraphs, just to get you started…

We, unwittingly, purchased a house that repeatedly flooded, almost monthly. After some time and significant research, we discovered a Federally-sponsored Grant program, to aid us in mitigating the flooding (and therefore the insurance claims). Thankfully, we were approved! We actually felt saved! Then, a prominent municipal engineering firm —retained by our local government — stepped in, under the guise of providing professional management to our mitigation grant. They immediately appointed more professionals. Sadly, without our knowledge or consent — they surprisingly reallocated more than a third of the grant funds to themselves! This deception, resulted in a lack of funding for the actual mitigation/construction, so they attempted to strong-arm the low bidder into completing the project at a loss. Surprisingly, the low bidder outsmarted them. He actually forced them to pay him for substandard, life-endangering work. Work, specified in his contract, that he didn’t actually perform! All of this, while stealing money from us; money that we personally and contractually paid him for — to perform additional work, outside of his contract with the government. 

The gathering of the “professionals”

Jumping ahead… When we finally were allowed back to our home for a walk-through, we were told that there would be a few items needing to be finished. Interesingly, upon entering the home, the engineer had to catch herself from falling, as she stepped inside the house. The floors were so severely sloped, that she nearly fell down. After the walk-through, the amount of deficiencies, damages and overall list of problems were so vast, that it became apparent that it was beyond the ability or desire of the builder to actually repair any of this mess, that he created. So, as contractually allowed, we requested that they replace the builder with competent one. Unfortunately, for us — this resulted in a negative response from the local government, the engineering firm, the architect, and the builder. They collectively enjoined in a lawsuit and came after us. Physically and financially unable to fight off their legal tactics, they prevailed in court —thereby able to pay all of their parties, without repairing our home. This resulted in their lack of recouping the federal funds from the grant. Distastefully, they would attempt to finally make it right, over 8 years later. They offered to displace us, once again and would provide another substantially low bidder, to execute the repairs of the damage they caused and inflicted upon us. This candidate clearly lacked any real knowledge of the overall scope of the project and how to actually execute repairs, resulting in his agitation.  Yet, they insisted in writing, that we agree to be liable for any costs they didn’t estimate for…. Really?

The following posts —though somewhat incongruous and sometimes repetitive, or overlapping — relate our diary of events throughout the government’s elevation of our home.

Honestly this was better!

Fraud and falsehood only dread examination. Truth invites it.

Samuel Johnson

Author: Laurie