Le$$ is More – More Money in Their Pockets

3 Times A Charm. Engineer Puts Job Out For Bid 3X!!!

At the 3rd bid, (I cannot believe I am writing this), there were only 3 bidders — 2 of whom were the previous bidders!!! Only one was new. That has to tell you something, right? At the witching hour, this new bidder showed up and submitted a cash bid bond of exactly, $168,000. The others had bids of $178,999 and $185,000, respectively. I wonder where the new low-bidder got his number from? Me thinks, it’s a wee bit shady…

Honestly, they could have never awarded the contract to someone worthy, because they pilfered the money before the project actually began. All the while, the “Professional Engineer” kept calling us, to ask how we could do it for less, because she can’t put it out for bid again.

There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy — hypocrisy, fraud and tyranny.

Frederick William Robertson

Author: Laurie