The Media Mayor

One More Time for the Cameras

Oh, the Mayor is crying the blues for Sea Bright again… Or, is it really just a play for herself? At one of our town meetings, Mayor Long said, “I will stop at nothing to obtain as much $$$$$$ as I can; and I will kick up quite a storm, in my quiet, unquiet way.”

She lied in front of the cameras, as she used our house as “a role model for responsible recovery.” She knew they destroyed it and our quality of life — effectively putting us in harm’s way. She turned away and left us hanging, while they attempted to sue us for their gross negligence. But that didn’t seem to matter or stop her from obtaining more Grant money. Her ultimate goal to give the tired town of Sea Bright a modern facelift, whilst filling the coffers of T&M Associates and other professionals, contracted by her, to work in this town. Despite the amount of federally funded money obtained by Sea Bright, the Mayor exhibited no shame, as she also gleaned more monies from private funding, fund-raisers and volunteers — who essentially cleaned up state and privately owned beach fronts. All the while, not negotiating the best deals possible from her cronies. How disgusting and greedy is this?

Lies are the greatest murder. They kill the truth.


Author: Laurie