Property Tax Injustice

“Every Dollar of Taxes Must Provide an Equivalent Legitimate Benefit, OR Else Taxes Become Theft.”

Edward W.Younkins

Your property tax valuation is based lot size, location (zone), improvements, the useable square footage, quantity of different types of rooms, amenities of structures and their respective ages.

Increased Property Taxes?
We typically pay higher property taxes if the tax rate increases, or if the value of our properties increase. Our property tax rates increase because of our local government’s need to raise revenues, in order to provide services — or as a result of voter-approved bonds. When the services the Borough contracts are not in the best interests of all of the residents or show obvious inprudent decision-making, those increases cannot be justified. It is obvious that “no bid” contract letting to “professionals” is an area ripe for abuse. What has transpired with the 8 Center Street Grant, proves that our elected officials are merely pawns in the machination of entrenched professionals and employees of our Borough. Why do our “uncompensated” elected officials curry favor of these people? I don’t think it’s as simple as they sell their constituents out for some entity that picks up their tab at “The Mad Hatter.”

Less living space, of course, should mean a lower tax bill…
In our case, our home is falling in and the entire first floor is a gutted mess. Our yard has been destroyed and left as a mud pit. It continues to erode and get washed away by the force of the town’s new street pumps. We have been taxed for 8 years on a home that we are only able to use less than 50% of — due to the incompetence of the Borough of Sea Bright and its cronies.

The Borough might as well have thrown the taxpayers dollars in the Shrewsbury River

The Nature of Taxation
Taxation is the price we pay for government services. Legitimate government activity consists of defense and protection of life, liberty, and property. Every dollar of taxes must provide an equivalent legitimate benefit, or else taxes become theft. Taxes raised for purposes other than defense and protection become a way for government to control citizens. Taxation can, and has, become a tool of fiscal and monetary management and a means for redistributing wealth. The purpose of reallocating money via taxation is to distribute it differently than free market transactions would. Taxation thereby becomes a means to thwart individuals’ minds by using their money contrary to their judgment. When taxes are used to redistribute wealth and support social programs, they not only divert resources from other useful purposes, they also become a power contest between organized interest groups. Special interest groups and lobbyists pressure Congress to pass tax laws conducive to their own self-interests. Various special treatments make economic decisions dependent upon arbitrary tax rules instead of on economic factors. Business decisions are made with an eye toward tax advantages.  

Edward W.Younkins 09.30.2000

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