And Rodney Dangerfield Thought

He “Got No Respect?”

We cannot tell you how many times we begged the Borough, their Engineer and the Builder to cover up our house, while they were working on it! This is Construction 101 for Dummies, not rocket science. They purposely left our home open to the public, the animals and any environmental elements. Birds, dust and rain came in the back, because there were no tarps in place. And, although we tried to close off the upstairs for security reasons — the paw prints on the toilet seat speak otherwise. A cat made its way up there and drank from the toilet (he was thirsty); permanent stains were left on our upholstered chairs (he was tired); and fecal matter was found in various places (he was either lazy or trapped inside). We also received a call from a kind neighbor telling us that there were people traipsing through our house, all the time, when workers were present or not!

We asked the police why our front door was left open and unlocked after everyone left? He replied, “We didn’t want to upset the Builder.”

And if that doesn’t make one’s blood boil… Our house sat still for 2 weeks, with no real progress, other than cutting off the utilities. The whole project was only supposed to take 4-6 weeks! Of course, the Builder failed to disconnect the smoke detectors. So, when they started to chirp in the middle of the night, the fire department was called by a resident and they were forced to break open every door — I mean every door! The wood barriers closing off upstairs and all the locked bedroom doors, protecting our valuables, were all destroyed. All this drama to check for a non-existent fire caused by the Builder, resulting in significant damage to our home. Had we not heard from a concerned neighbor in the middle of the night, informing us of this nightmare, we would have had no idea that our doors were left wide open. At 3am, we frantically travelled 50 miles with flashlights, to inspect our home and try to secure it again. When we asked the police why the front door was left open and unlocked after everyone left? He replied, “we didn’t want to upset the Builder.” This obviously make no sense and is utterly incomprehensible! So, what the heck is really going on here behind closed doors? Or, in our case — unclosed doors.

The way my luck is running, if I was a politician, I would be honest.

Rodney Dangerfield

Author: Laurie