How Not to Make IT Right

No Holmes on Holmes Here!

Adding insult to injury, below is their current lame offer. An offer where they deny any and all responsibility for the damage they did to us and our home, yet will fund the repair — sort of. The repair for which they introduced several contractors to the problem and asked them to bid on the project. Some dropped out due to the lawyering up and bizarre contractual obligations (like providing us with living arrangements). How is that the contractor’s responsibility? Once again, they went with the lowest bidder, who came in at $84K, where the other 2 were at $130K — despite the fact that we were told we could choose who we wanted based on our comfortability. Needless to say, the low man on the totem pole wasn’t it. And he knew he bid too low. And we knew, there would be blood. Uh, we’ve already been down this road. Get real. They go on to state that they will not be responsible for any further damages, done by this new contractor they hire. It’s just crazy talk all over the place and utter denial of their role in this mess. Incidentally, even an NJOEM representative who looked over this, said she wouldn’t sign it! So much for “making it right.”

Every individual of the community at large has an equal right to the protection of government.

Alexander Hamilton

Author: Laurie