Persistent Pitfalls – The Cliff Notes’ Version


• The Borough Architect and Engineer had 2 years to research the Borough’s code. The maximum allowable building height they presented to us, is miscalculated by 3 feet! FEMA reps, Council Members, Sea Bright’s Lawyer, the Builder, and T&M Associates — were all at the meeting where this was disclosed — yet, did nothing about it.

• We performed work to cut costs by doing some of the site prep — all of which part of the Builder’s bid! We have yet to receive any credit notification for this work and we never will.

• All credits received to date for modifications allowed by T&M Associates have been ridiculous and the changes were not approved by us. Verbally promised big savings, equaling thousands of dollars. In writing, maybe $500 worth of credits to date? What a joke.

• We were continuously promised a timeline or project outline, as requested, but never received anything. We literally changed seasons 4x since the nightmare began, with no projected positive outcome in sight.

• Our FEMA Grant was supposed to cover relocating and housing costs. Since there was no money left over for that, we have assumed those costs. In fact, we carried the expense of our home in Sea Bright and living elsewhere for 8 months. Their promised project window was 4-6 weeks.

• T&M is not even lobbying for what was on their own plans, let alone lobbying for the homeowner. I guess their admittance of their ignorance would make them look inept!

• We were supposed to be notified before they actually lifted our house in order to retrieve any last-minute items and see the process. Not one “professional” called us. We found out through our neighbors.

• Despite numerous requests, our house remained uncovered and unsecured from damaging elements during the entire project.

• Lost wages from our work and business. We have spent countless hours on this craziness — the poorly managed project, we call “home.”

• We have been personally slandered by T&M and the Builder to our neighbors and this council — all of whom, entered our home without our knowledge or consent. This is unacceptable behavior!

A government is an institution that holds a monopoly in the legitimate use of violence.

Max Weber

Author: Laurie