Declan and His Flunkies

Give Declan O’Scanlon 22 Minutes and He’ll “cell” You the World
OR at Least a New Lease for the Borough’s “Flag” Pole

And to think we were missing Billy Mays!
Watch the pitchman at work….

“No one should be allowed to steal from taxpayers, but I wanted to make it very clear that elected officials and government employees are held to an even higher standard. How could we allow an elected official to stay in office when they’ve broken the public trust? Furthermore, government employees with a fiduciary duty and/or responsibility to award contracts cannot be allowed to stay in such positions after admitting to making willful misrepresentations in order to obtain undeserved benefits.”

Declan O’Scanlon 02.14.2019

The Senator’s quote above, if heartfelt or sincere, should lead him to at least question and investigate the government fraud — we have suffered here —at 8 Center Street. But, alas, the Senator only has interests in self-promotion and enrichment — damn these pesky constituents. Can you say “Carpe Eatem?” We hanker for the Senator to show as much enthusiasm and passion about what’s happening in our community, during his watch, as he did for his old restaurant reviews.

One might wonder… Why the obvious animus towards our Senator? Well, after hearing his sales pitch at the 11/18/2019 Council Meeting and listening to his endless calls into NJ 101.5 radio — I became increasingly frustrated with the fact that the Senator lobbies for his personal gains and business relationships with such vigor and zest, yet his constituents (and now former supporters), who suffer from endless abuse by NJ government — are left by him and his cronies to live in forced squalor.

The Senator has received two letters from us pleading for his help, but nary a response. Unless The United States Postal Service has taken to falsifying receipts — and Freeholder Arnone to lying — the Senator is just plain ignoring us, in favor of his cronies.

If you need Senator O’Scanlon’s help, the only way you’ll probably get it, is if your cell tower needs clients. Maybe too much EMR exposure has affected the Senator’s memory and he has forgotten to serve his constituents. Wow! Now I see the error in our ways… Instead of sending the senator a letter, we should have sent him a “tinfoil hat!” Oh, but I doubt he lives or performs his best karaoke under an electrified “flag pole”…

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Unselfish and noble actions are the most radiant pages in the biography of souls.

David Thomas

Author: Murphy