Borough Refused to Replace the Builder in Violation of Contract

Sea Bright Refused to Secure Another Builder to Complete Our Project?

After months of threatening behavior, sub-standard work, violation of his contractual obligations, endangering our safety and well being, the Borough of Sea Bright refused to replace and hold accountable, the builder they contracted to elevate our home. You know that there is some hidden “quid pro quo” arrangement, when, despite all of the Builder’s failures, egregious behavior, lies, malfeasance, theft by fraud and creating numerous life safety perils for us — Sea Bright refused to remove this contractor.

The Borough repeatedly told us that they had no legal authority to replace this contractor. Eventually, they paid him in full — even though, he did not fulfill his obligations. Below is the contract, the Borough executed between themselves and the Builder. Highlighted, is the very language they needed to remove contractor, yet they choose not to. Instead, dispersing even more local taxpayer dollars, to pay for fraud. It only stands to reason, that there was some underlying reason and relationship, that would garner this preferential behavior by the Borough towards this Builder. We may never know, but we think we do…

A government or administration, who means and acts honestly, has nothing to fear, and consequently, nothing to conceal.

Thomas Paine

Author: Murphy