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Wow, if you have a community sighting, don’t post it here.

A forum for Sea Bright residents, business owners, and visitors. This group was formed with the intention of keeping the information that is shared “Sea Bright focused”. We respectfully request that you do not utilize this group to promote your business if it is not physically located in SB – or to promote your “cause” if it is not pertinent to Sea Bright. Please be respectful to neighbors and business owners. If you see a post that violates these guidelines. please report it to the admin. Thank you.

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A note to our neighbors and distant past residents, who are moderators or administrators of the “All About Sea Bright” facebook page.

We chose and choose not to share our story on any of the Sea Bright social sites, or to promote our media via Borough-related sites. That said, it causes us great dismay, to find that a third party had shared a picture of our home on your “All About Sea Bright” facebook page and that while it was receiving active commentary, it was removed from the same. Hide behind any excuse you may for this action, but nothing will pass the sniff test on this behavior. Overt censorship of residents on this page — a page that is regularly used by Borough politicians to promote, spur discussion, notify the community and in essence — self-promote, is shameful. Though sarcastically presented, our issues with the Borough are quite real and damaging to all residents. Our positions and experiences are 100% factual. Supporting evidence of the behavior of our Borough government, its vendors and some residents, is well-documented here.

We are also painfully aware of the behind-the-scenes disparagement of us, by some of our neighbors and Borough representatives. Since we moved to Sea Bright, we have been falsely characterized by a small group of individuals, with close ties to our Borough government or some other self-imagined injustice, caused by our home purchase. We urge those same individuals, to actually take the time, read and view the content presented here (there are over 100 posts). Step away from any rumors that they might have convinced themselves to be valid — then look at our actions as neighbors and friends, living on this tiny peninsula. We have been vocal and active in supporting and helping our neighbors and this community.

Though you may not like our facts and/or approach, our situation and the pain it has caused us, is very real. Just look at it selfishly — the Borough has spent over $300,000 to destroy our lives and home — those are yours and our tax dollars. Their misdoings are currently costing about $425.00 per household. Be the neighbors you purport to be. All of the talk of community and concern for one’s neighbors without action… is just that… talk!

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We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Author: Murphy