Who Invites Thieves Back In?

We Are Served with Legal Papers Today

The Never-Ending Punch List of Utter Nonsense

Would you believe that we were served with Legal Papers in order to force us to have these uneducated crooks back in our home? And, they want us to vacate the premises for 2 additional weeks to repair all of their below substandard work. What’s worse, is that they are not even addressing the real problems or issues! This is a silly punchiest of paint and caulk — not the structural concerns (like the house sagging in the center) — that no one seems interested in. The entire job was only supposed to take 4-5 weeks. Now they need 2 weeks to fix what they destroyed or couldn’t get right the first time? It’s like inviting the thieves who ransacked and burglarized your home, back over for dinner — and bringing out more of the fine china for them to destroy.

It’s like inviting the thieves, who ransacked and burglarized your home, back over for dinner.

There is nothing so powerful as truth, and often nothing so strange.

Daniel Webster

Author: Laurie