You Don’t Pay Crooks!

How a Simple Punch List of Caulk and Paint, Turned into Over $150K Worth of Structural Deformities.

Once again, the town of Sea Bright has wasted more of our time, our money and taxpayer dollars, with their blatant dishonesty. After 6 years, the culprits are now offering only a small percentage of what needs to be done — and they act like they are doing us a favor! We entered into this new scenario, based on Councilman Rooney’s original offer — well over a year ago. The offer was that we would be compensated by T&M Associates and the Borough for the structural damage they caused. “They would write us a check.” We could then get our own contractor and repair all of the damage they created. In fact, we met with the Borough Attorney, out of concern for how all of this was really going to be paid. Not surprisingly, our questions were NOT answered. Surprisingly though, we were met with extreme anger and bullying from the Borough Attorney, (who ironically said “he would never live like this,” referring to conditions we live in, when he visited our house). We were told the financial arrangements were none of our concern or business! What? He’s a lawyer, who expects us to sign a contract, become liable for its payment and not know where the money is coming from? Oh, we forgot he’s friends with T&M’s attorney, so we should just trust him and dare not question him. After all, he is doing us a favor! But, weren’t these the same idiots that placed us aboard this sinking ship? Furthermore, doesn’t he essentially work for the residents of this town? It was clear that even the Mayor was a little surprised by his inappropriate behavior and she “claimed” she sided with us. Although no one would confirm her availability, we actually requested her presence at this small meeting, based on the aforementioned. However, she has failed to reach out to us or get involved since.

Months later, it was presented very differently to us… T&M Associates would be running the project again and would attempt to gather information for themselves, utilizing our research and knowledege — despite the fact that in 2012, we hired an engineer, who provided a thorough report of damages incurred — which was dismissed by them at the time. Then, again in 2016, we hired another engineer that discovered even more damages to date. T&M would be putting this out for bid to 3 of their favorable contractors (friends)? And, although we were told that we could provide a contractor, none of our professionals were comfortable with how this project was to be legally and financially executed. We can’t blame them either. It wreaks of utter BS. We met with T&M’s contractors. The contractors who came back again to look and ask pertinent questions and who we were most comfortable with, did not get the job! Of course the least favorable, least knowledgeable and the lowest bidder was awarded the job, despite our requests and concerns. After our second meeting with the proposed contractor, he was already showing signs of bidding to low for what needed to be done, wasting his time and Fran Mullen of T&M struggled to quiet him over and over again from his outbursts. This contractor was also forced to provide us with living accommodations in one of his apartments. This was all too familiar. We could not believe that we were being exposed to the exact same scenario that got us into this mess in the first place: T&M running the project, yet unable to tame their chosen, low-bidding, angry contractor who planned on squeezing us (homeowners) of extra money; the low-bidding contractor, who T&M knows and someone owes the other a favor; A contractor who lacked any and all understanding of the scope of work; A contractor who bid on a job before they really researched and looked into what really had to be done. Is this really happening? Deja Vu.

The very idea that the town of Sea Bright wants us to sign legal documents, releasing them from any liability or responsibility — legally or financially — especially, if the project runs over budget, is ludicrous, and almost laughable.

Each meeting at our home, has unveiled even more destruction, damage and evil by the town of Sea Bright and its allies — which has caused us insuperable harm, suffering and loss of healthy living. Again, everyone thinks they are doing us a favor by showing up 6 years later to negatively disrupt our lives, repeat the same horror that we went through in 2012 and do the least amount necessary to clear their names. No one wants to own up to the bigger picture. The big picture is one of lies, fraud, and deception — not just to us, but to the State and Federal Governments, who provide our community Grants to aid in everything from recovery to roadways. The very idea that the town of Sea Bright wants us to sign legal documents releasing them from any liability or responsibility — legally or financially — especially, if the project runs over budget, is ludicrous, and almost laughable. This town is soley responsible for our troubles. They switched things around after we recieved the Grant; then they had information to stop this suffering before it got any worse 6 years ago. This confirms why the original builder was removed from our property and why we told the Borough not to pay him. But they paid him anyway. Without ever contacting us or getting a replacement builder (as promised by the Borough Engineer), they paid the Builder for work he had not even completed. How do I get that job? At the SB Fireman’s Fair, Mayor Long stated to Murphy “this was the only way we could get the Lien removed from your house.” You don’t pay crooks!

As another frame of reference… In an executive session, back in 2012, former Councilman, James Lobiondo, who represented himself as an “expert” due to his extensive knowledge of building and construction in the community, was deferred to by the town council for his expertise. He cavalierly said that the 50+ items on their punch list were minor and would take no more than 15 days to complete. Fast-Forward to today, in 2019: He claims he is not an expert in construction, when questioned about his own zoning application. We now have a 100+ list of items, largely related to structural deficiencies and it took 6 years and countless dollars to come to this? Nothing substantial is being done about it, putting us at further risk on so many levels.

Minor repairs to 8 Center pdf below:

Author: Laurie