Time & Money

Correcting Mistakes Takes Time. Time Costs Money.

Why should the taxpayers of Sea Bright, pay extra for sheer stupidity? This past week, mulch was “thrown” down into sloped beds that do not have proper edging. So basically, the mulch pours onto the sidewalks, the streets and ultimately gets washed away. A great pleasure for citizens to walk through or trip on. But municipal workers will strap backpack blowers on to remedy this poorly designed and planned situation. A plan undoubtedly introduced by, T&M Associates. Very professional and forward thinking. The mulch is piled up around trunks of shrubs & trees (a big No No) — unless you want to kill the plants. I’m sure this was a pricey project, so why wasn’t it put out for bid? It is my understanding that any job exceeding the amount of $20K in this town, must go out for public bid. So what’s the story here? I never saw the advertisement. Furthermore, we constantly witness workers picking weeds out of the beds, that contain goose egg rocks. Wasn’t fabric put down under all of the rocks to prevent this? These large rocks are also constantly spilling into the walkways, wreaking havoc. I’m so tired of the wasted dollars. Another great use of time and money…

I am against government by crony.

Harold L. Ickes


Author: Laurie