The Court of Public Opinion

It’s Always in Session

Rushing to judgement can lead to mistakes. When people’s lives and reputations are on the line, these mistakes can be irreparable. Make no mistake here — our rights have been seriously violated, as we’ve been subjected to this corrupt local government for years — with no justice in sight. Therefore, we would like to thank the Borough of Sea Bright for:

Grossly misusing Federal Funds to meet their own needs, while destroying our home and our lives.
Allowing and participating in, prevailing wage fraud at our property.
Bullying us. Enough said.
Forcing us to pay for permits post Sandy, while they waived the fees for all other residents.
Allowing a Builder they contracted, to place a lien on our home.
Taxed for 7 years on a home we can only use 50% of.
Damage to our personal belongings.
Loss of income and business clientele.
Personal slander levied against us.
Burden of increased carrying costs for home.
Allowing their Builder to steal from and commit fraud against us.

And the list goes on…

“The Letter of the Law may afford you some protection, but the spirit of the same law will not — in the court of public opinion.”

MCA III, 2001

Author: Laurie