But More Importantly – The Neighbor’s Japanese Black Pine Tree

Technically, it was Our Tree

They planted a dead specimen on our property, to make an invalid point. Clearly, our safety and well-being was never important to these people.

As if we didn’t have more important things to worry about… The pine tree residing inbetween our property and our neighbor’s driveway? It’s probably our tree, but we were consumed with lifting our furniture countless times and dealing with approximately 19 floods, to care a less! Needless to say, we really didn’t have the time or energy to deal with a pine tree that is everywhere here and  basically considered, a “weed by the shore.”

However, we can honestly say that we did NOT authorize or sign any documents asking us or allowing the Builder and T&M Associates to demolish and remove this pine tree. They could have worked around it or saved it, as we had initially discussed. In fact, before the last bid, we requested that the architect adjust his design to accommodate leaving the tree as is and the so mentioned was changed on plans. The builder disregarded this and had other ideas. He “said” he spoke with the neighbor, who apparently was fine with tree removal and assumed responsibility for this task. (It was truly the builder’s responsibility anyway). Upon approval from neighbor, the pine tree was removed — by hacking at it with a front end loader. Shortly thereafter, the neighbor suddenly put a price tag of 20K on it and wanted us to pay for it! Really? I priced a new 15ft one at $165! Just sayin.’ Animosity ensued and we still have a big hole in our foundation wall, so as to compensate for the non-removal of this pine tree. In the end, a replacement would have been taken by Hurricane Sandy anyway — as were our neighbors. Thanks!

The Pine was simply needed to hide their garbage.

The liar’s punishment is, not in the least that he is believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.

George Bernard Shaw

Author: Laurie