Tale of the Local Rat…

UFCW protest outside of Lidl, Eatontown, NJ

Our prevailing wage “rat” photo op was courtesy of the UFCW’s protest display on Hwy 35 in Eatontown. One of the union’s representitives explained the backstory of Lidl and its German roots. Noting, that he fears lack of unionization here, could be the start of a downward slide for working conditions and wages of employees of all local grocers. Their hope is to gather momentum for a bargining agreement with the retailer. The protesters were receiving a large amount of support from passing motorists. Quick research shows that the bulk of their (Lidl) European operations are unionized. If their wiki is to be believed… It’s certainly an oddly run company. By comparison, their Aldi competition seems tame.

Lastly, there seems to be no truth behind the urban legend that Aldi & Lidl suffer from sibling rivalry, as the owners are not actually brothers in fierce competition. But the businesses certainly are. Russia’s Mere is also on the way.

Forbes magazine, had this to say about the influx of German Supermarkets.


Author: Murphy