Baby, it’s Cold “Inside”

We Really Must Stay — Despite 37˚ Floor Boards

We continue to suffer without floors and walls, while feeling the cold air blow straight in through the house, as we wait for someone to “DO” the right thing. The improperly jacked and rigged home, has resulted in a skewed structure, so now our windows do not close securely either. The Northeast winds can be quite brutal by the shore. Inside, the temperature at our feet, is consistently 37˚ or below on the first floor main living area, despite running our heat at over 80˚. A considerable financial burden and a complete waste of energy. Thankful for our upstairs, since that is where we must spend most of our existence, but it’s certainly not the Taj Mahal. Currently, it’s like a warehouse, consisting of all our boxed belongings that cannot be unpacked and miscellaneous furniture that was moved for the house lift. Layering is particularly relevant in cold climates, where clothing must provide warmth and protect one from the wind and rain… But inside the house? Seven years later, our home is still gutted and unfinished. At this point, since we have battled all the various nasty elements, season after season — along with bugs, filth and disgusting surroundings… Perhaps we should simply train for a stint on Naked and Afraid? Same dangerous atmosphere where we can utilize our survival skills AND we could lose a few pounds as well.

Still gutted after 7 years!

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Nelson Mandela

Author: Laurie