Behind The Scenes – Gross Negligence

Sea Bright’s Dirty Little Secrets

The town of Sea Bright was given the responsibility to manage our FEMA Grant money and this project. They enlisted T&M Associates to do so. Here are some highlights:

  1. An exorbitant amount of dollars spent on engineering and architectural fees, that were completely unnecessary. We have great reason to believe that part of our FEMA Grant went to the pay the expense of a “Pool Club” fantasy for some council memebers (Mayor Long personally admitted this). Both the Architect and T&M were used for this research, that produced an end-result of simply “not lucrative for the town.”
  2. The project was grossly negligent. They were coming after us for money, after they kept racking up additional fees.
  3. Because they delayed the actual construction by such gross mismanagement, they put us in Hurricane Irene’s path, which produced even more damage and distruction before the actual project began. Our house was affected greatly with over 3’ of water inside. Not one call from any town personnel, to check on us after this storm.
  4. The town engineer spends more time and energy appeasing our neighbor’s needs and wants, than the actual project or ours.
  5. T&M Associates changed the numbers on the contract, putting us at great risk!

If everything must for out for bid, why didn’t the engineering and architectural go out for bid as well? Oh, that’s right… Because of our “big FEMA project” going through the Municipality, the Borough felt the need to bring on board and hire a new town Architect (to cover-up pool club expense) and an Engineer (thinking they would probably cut costs of SB projects) — despite the fact that the “homeowners” had documentation that they were suppoesed to run the project!

Human beings will generally exercise power when they can get it, and they will exercise it most undoubtedly in popular governments under pretense of public safety.

Daniel Webster

Author: Laurie