2019 Mayoral Candidates of Sea Bright

Call for Debate Kelly v. Sanders

Currently, on the “All About Sea Bright” facebook page, there is a post with calls for a Sea Bright Mayoral Debate. After the Borough Council meeting on 10.15.2019, I asked Councilman Kelly and candidate Sanders, if they would each like to participate in a half-hour live interview with a simple question and answer format. The idea being – to ask both candidates the same series of questions and allow Sea Brighters to juxtapose the two interviews to better understand the candidates, their views and positions. (BTW, promising both, that the questions ARE NOT RELATED TO 8 CENTER ST.)

Councilman Kelly agreed, but was heading into an executive session, so I told him that I would e-mail him to coordinate a time and place.


I’m glad you are up for the interview, we will do a facebook, youtube live stream and later post to social media (AASB).

No edits just the stream as is.

Half hour in length.

Same questions for both candidates. All Borough and ecology related, plus “tell us about yourself.”

The beginning of next week would be great, let me know your availability and where you would like to shoot.


email to Brian Kelly 10.16.2019

To date, I have not heard back from Councilman Kelly.

Candidate Sanders also readily agreed and said he would make himself available and we exchanged numbers. I told him that I would contact him upon scheduling with Councilman Kelly.

I would love to moderate and film / live stream a debate between our two Mayoral candidates. Wouldn’t it be great to gather up topics from the residents of the Borough and put the questions to our candidates. Let’s really get to know where they stand on our issues – then we can contrast and compare for ourselves.

Councilman Kelly, Mr. Sanders, what do you say?


Author: Murphy