How Greed, Lies and Politics Nearly Destroyed Us!

August 2006 – Our New Home

In the summer of 2006, we decided to move East to the shore area and settle in Sea Bright — a small town that we “thought” would free up our time for friends, family and ourselves. A simpler life and a breath of fresh air. We purchased a mostly remodeled home, at the height of the real estate market, but it had modern conveniences. A new kitchen and bathrooms, new hardwood floors, a charming wraparound porch, a white picket fenced-in yard with simple landscaping and a pebble-stoned driveway. About two weeks after our arrival — and much to our surprise and shock — a rush of flood water came tunneling up our street. Unaware of the potential destruction, we raced to lift up any furniture, promptly brought our belongings and unpacked boxes upstairs, to higher ground. Unfortunately, this was just a mere taste of what was yet to come. Our lives would take a grim turn and never be the same. What happens next, is anything but a simpler life.

Before “Hurricane Sandy,” we were introduced to “Hurricane Irene” — a large storm in 2011, that no one seems to talk about. It was pretty traumatic for us! We had over 3’ of water in our home and lots of damage. This, along with numerous other floods (where water entered our first floor) before this — would force us to apply for a Federal Grant to get our house lifted. In the long run, it would be cheaper, safer and more effective than our flood insurance.

Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.


Author: Laurie